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The Current State of Our Wood Commodity

Of all the commodities available to humans, wood is the most active product in today’s economy. Wood products are used in practically all marketing and manufacturing practices. Consider the amount of paper products used in developed countries like Canada, the United States, and Europe; photocopies, newspapers, magazines, junk […]

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Oakeshott’s call for wood-poweredelectricity means more logging

Oakeshott’s call for wood-powered electricity means more logging There are dark days ahead for Australian forests if renewable energy plan gets the nod. jwbenwell/Flickr We are poised at a pivotal moment for native forests, the wood products industry and climate change. Australia is moving away from a damaging […]

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B.C. lumber sales to China falling rapidly

  B.C. lumber sales to China falling rapidly DAVID EBNER VANCOUVER— From Wednesday’s Globe and Mail   Sales of British Columbia lumber to China have begun to plunge, a startling reversal from the boom forest products companies enjoyed through much of 2011. The lumber industry predicts additional growth […]

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Woodchipper investors caught at crossroads

by:John Beveridge  From:Herald Sun  February 09, 2012 12:00am A pile of woodchips at a Gunns timber mill in Tarpeena, South Australia. TALK about being stuck between a rock and a hard place. Shareholders in Tasmanian woodchipper Gunns have a really nasty choice to make. They can either be […]

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Wood Chipper Decapitates California Landscaper

Submitted by Zach Lisabeth on Feb 15, 2012 A gruesome scene outside of Nevada City, California, when a worker on a professional landscape crew got stuck inside of a wood chipper and was decapitated. The man was helping to remove tree branches and debris from a house in a […]

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