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New and recycled wood reels

M&L Industry Inc.  Wood reel manufacturers

M&L Industry Inc.  Specializes in manufacturing  Wood Reels and Spools with barrel staves, profiled, cut-to-length or with any custom specification desired. Our product line is made out of top quality nail wood, and can be customized to meet your specific needs. We offer short lead times and can ship products to assembly warehouses for best value and services. Additionally we offer wooden reels suitable for international use.

M&L Industry Inc.  also supplies the wire and cable industry with our uniquely designed spool. Our engineers came up with a unique assembly method and created a machine specifically for this new process. Instead of using a threaded bolt, steel tubes are inserted through the flanges – they are wedged into holes similar to a rivet – and into the core. Depending on size, the spool may contain from three to eight steel tubes. We also supply our customers with used reels in perfect condition – to save money – when brand new is not required.


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