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Wooden boxes & crates

M&L Industry Inc.  manufacturer of wooden boxes and crates

M&L Industry Inc. is a leading manufacturer of wooden boxes and crates for Commercial and Industrial as well as Government Entities to Transport Cargo with protective packaging.  M&L Industry Inc. is committed to following ASTM specs and our products meet all the required standards. All crating designs can be made compliant for export shipping and crating per ISPM #15 Heat Treated Export Crates.

M&L Industry Inc. has many standard and custom crate designs and styles to choose from. Give us a call to discuss your specific requirements and we will determine what crate will best fit your needs. Most companies do not have the luxury of knowing the crate dimensions in advance. Crate orders are product and project specific, which means your crates will be delivered according to your unique specs.

M&L Industry Inc. offers a full range of packaging equipment, and has expertise in designing and fabricating packaging to protect fragile, valuable, and heavy items from the hazards of shipping and material handling. We are a leader in designing and manufacturing highly technical and specialty Shipping Wooden Crates.  M&L Industry Inc. is focused on the successful design and fabrication of packaging for one of a kind and limited production items as well as large production runs. When your product is shipping in a wood crate, box, etc., we believe proper packaging is the first step in ensuring its safe delivery to your customers.

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